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29: Big Battery Breakthrough, Electric Autonomous Container Ships & More

This week we talk about a new lithium ion battery breakthrough, the first electric autonomous container ship, Lordstown motors running out of cash, Ohio becoming a huge solar panel manufacturing hub … and more. Hope to see you there!

28: Big Oil Under Pressure, Power Generating Gym & More

This week we talk about how Exxon Mobile share holders are demanding answers to their views on climate change, how you can generate energy while working out, why the F-150 Range might exceed expectations, and news about the Boring Companies Tunnels … and more. Hope to see you there!

27: Amerca's Best Selling Car Goes Electric - F-150 Lightning!

Join us this week while we talk about the importance of the F-150 Lightning EV. Also talking about Virgin Galactic's plans for space tourism, Audi's Plans for V2X and Much More!

26: Is It the End of Self Driving Companies?

Join us as we talk about autonomous driving company consolidation, EVs overtaking gas cars by 2027, the first commercial-scale offshore wind farm in the US, Tesla suspending Bitcoin payments, and more.

25: SpaceX Starship Lands as Starlink Soars!

Join us as we talk about SpaceX successfully landing Starship as Starlink preorders soar, Tesla buys battery patents for just $3, Arrival and Uber announce a ride hailing car, details on Tesla’s new Powerwall+, and more.

24: Tesla Giving Away Free Powerwalls and Honda Going Electric

Join us as we talk Tesla giving away free Powerwalls, the rise of unique EV lifestyle accessories, Honda’s “going electric” announcement, and the world’s most powerful tidal turbine launching.

23: Tesla’s Big Powerwall Changes, Toyota’s SUV EV, and FIA Takes Fast Charging to the Next Level

We talk about Tesla’s big changes to Powerwall bundling with solar, as well as its power capacity, Toyota and Subaru announcing the bZ4X SUV concept, FIA’s electric GT and 700kW charging, and more.

22: Tesla Solar Price Hikes, Sonors Motors, Wireless Car Charging & More

Join us LIVE TONIGHT to talk about Tesla's recent price hikes on its solar products, a spotlight on Sono Motors, the future of wireless Car Charging, and a Look at Ford's EV strategy.

21: EV Pickup Truck Wars Heat Up

We’re talking about the 2024 GM Hummer SUV EV and its range, Tim Cook Talking Elon, Tesla, Apple Car, How Tesla is ditching its Physical Gear Selector, How the EV Tax Credit is coming back, and a whole bunch of news from GM on their EV plans.

20: Tesla Semi Production, Sewage to Hydrogen, Lawmaker Shenanigans & More

We're talking about Tesla starting Semi Production, Tesla & Toyota working together, Texas Lawmakers favoring Fossil Fuels, a company in Japan working to turn sewage to Hydrogen, and finding opportunities in the pandemic!

19: Tesla Cybertruck Giga Press, EV Direct Sales, US Chip Shortages & more

We're talking about Tesla's World Record setting 8000 Ton Gigapress they'll use for their upcoming cybertruck. Also looking at the Tesla Semi and their deal with Pepsi for later this year, How Intel plans to turn things around by becoming a chip maker for 3rd parties, Tesla energy in Australia, and a win for EV direct sales in the state of Connecticut!

18: VW's Battery Event, the FSD War Heats Up & More!

On today’s episode of Vice Versa VW holds their own battery day event, GM’s Cruise buys another full self driving company (the FSD wars continue to heat up), Toyota gives us whiplash by announcing a new EV and then trying to slow down EV adoption, and more.

17: Tesla Leads the Car Industry on Battery Price

On today’s episode of Vice Versa Tesla leads battery cell cost against the rest of the car industry, GM reveals their next gen lithium metal battery partnership with SolidEnergy System, VW is going to hold a battery day event, Toyota teases the X Prologue electric car, Jeff Bezos is going to spend $10B to fight climate change, and more.

16: SpaceX Starship Sticks the Landing ... Explodes (again)!

On today’s episode of Vice Versa we’re talking about SpaceX Starship sticking its first landing (and then exploding), Ford Mustang Mach-E stealing sales from Tesla, swappable EV batteries, the worldwide chip shortage, and the Hyundai IONIQ 5 charging is record time.

15: Tesla shuts down Model 3 production!

On today’s episode of Vice Versa we’re talking about Porsche claiming that synthetic fuel (efuel) could make ICE cars as clean as EVs, Foxconn teaming up with Fisker, the first Perseverance Mars Rover images, the Texas grid overcharging customers by $28 billion, and Tesla shutting down MOdel 3 production.

14: Is Ford Really Invested in EVs? GM Continues to Impress

On today’s episode of Vice Versa we’re talking about Ford and VWs battery supplier getting banned in the US, Ford investing $1B into a European EV plant, GM going carbon neutral by 2040, and Tesla owners staying warm in the brutal weather hitting Texas.

13: Tesla buys Bitcoin? What's a Bitcoin???

On today’s episode of Vice Versa we’re talking about the new Audi e-tron GT, Lucid claiming they’re ahead in the tech race, Tesla buying Bitcoin, Tesla's questionable range estimates, a Nigerian startup (BrightCloud) building an EV SUV, and Vestas claiming the world's largest offshore wind turbine crown.

12: Elon Musk grills Robinhood CEO, Bye ICE Cars, New VW SUV & more!

On today’s episode of Vice Versa we’re talking about the GM releasing the last of the gasoline Cadillac V-Series, Elon Musk getting the CEO of Robinhood to spill the beans about Gamestop stock sales, Panasonic producing the 4680 lithium ion battery cells, VW ID.6 electric SUV leaks, and more.

11: So About That Tesla Model S & X Refresh ...

On today’s episode of Vice Versa we’re talking about the Tesla Model S & X refresh and the yoke steering wheel, Tesla Energy really starting to take off, President Biden taking more action on climate change and killing fossil fuel subsidies, and a strange question Elon Musk was asked on the earnings call. Is Elon leaving Tesla?

10: Tesla Model Y Third Row, SpaceX Oil Rigs, and more

On today's episode of Vice Versa we talk about President Biden's climate change agenda, the side of the Tesla Model Y third row, Microsoft partnering with GM/Cruise on autonomous driving, Prosche's Taycan price drop, and SpaceX buying oil rigs ... OIL RIGS!

9: Big CES Week - Talking GM, Nio, Hyundai Ioniq, and Sony

On today's episode of Vice Versa we talk about Nio's solid state plans, GM dropping a lot of EV news including flying cars, Hyundai announcing their all electric sub brand Ioniq, and Sony's Vision-S making another appearance.

8: GM building EVs for Honda, Waymo dissing Tesla, and more

On today’s episode of Vice Versa we’re going to be talking GM building electric vehicles for Honda, Waymo no longer using the term "full self-driving" and instead using the term "fully autonomous" and throwing shade at Tesla, the Tesla Solar Roof expansion picking up steam, and more.

7: Tesla & Space X Merging, Real Life Wakanda & More

Today we're talking about if Elon would consider a new holdings Company to house all his various companies under one umbrella. Also, Toyota's latest micro EV concept, and what it means for their future. Rapper Akon has dreams of building a real life Wakanda in his home country of Selegal. VW has a prototype charging robot that can move around and charge EVs in a parking garage, and about LG's Plans to create a new battery factory in Indonesia.

6: Tesla’s New Charging Adapter, Amazon’s Autonomous Car and more

On today’s episode of Vice Versa we’re going to talk about Buses being used for V2G, Amazon’s autonomous car reveal, EV battery prices hitting a new milestone, EV sales surging in Europe, and VW’s CEO being on the hot seat.

5: Talking Tesla Roadster, Toyota Electric SUV, and more

Today we’re talking about how many Cadillac dealers don’t want to sell electric cars, Tesla and the right to repair, Tesla giving a deadline to Roadster referral discount winners, and Toyota’s all new electric SUV. Q&A to follow after the news.

4: Tesla Full Self Driving is Almost Here, GM and Nikola Breaking Up, and More

Another interesting week in the world of EVs, sustainability and tech. Today we’re talking about Tesla joining forces with Tesla possibly having to do a recall for screen issues, GM bailing on Nikola, Portland & Daimler teaming up for Semi Chargers, Hyundai & Kia revealing their new EV platform, and Elon saying FSD is coming next year.

3: Tesla joins forces with Rivian, California bans ICE Cars, and more

Tesla joins forces with Rivian, California bans ICE Cars, and more. Welcome to Episode Three of Vice Versa with Matt and Ricky!

2: Tesla S&P 500, Arrival on the NASDAQ, the future of Solar and more

Today we’re talking about Tesla finally being added to the S&P 500 and what it’ll mean for TSLA going forward.

1: Tesla FSD and Rivian Prices, BMW iX, Hummer EV, and Tesla Tequila

On the inaugural episode we talk about Tesla increasing the full self driving price to $10,000, Rivian dropping the price of the R1T and R1S, BMW announcing the iX, and GM revealing a CG Hummer EV. Oh, and some Tesla Tequila!

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