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6: Tesla’s New Charging Adapter, Amazon’s Autonomous Car and more

On today’s episode of Vice Versa we’re going to talk about Buses being used for V2G, Amazon’s autonomous car reveal, EV battery prices hitting a new milestone, EV sales surging in Europe, and VW’s CEO being on the hot seat.

5: Talking Tesla Roadster, Toyota Electric SUV, and more

Today we’re talking about how many Cadillac dealers don’t want to sell electric cars, Tesla and the right to repair, Tesla giving a deadline to Roadster referral discount winners, and Toyota’s all new electric SUV. Q&A to follow after the news.

4: Tesla Full Self Driving is Almost Here, GM and Nikola Breaking Up, and More

Another interesting week in the world of EVs, sustainability and tech. Today we’re talking about Tesla joining forces with Tesla possibly having to do a recall for screen issues, GM bailing on Nikola, Portland & Daimler teaming up for Semi Chargers, Hyundai & Kia revealing their new EV platform, and Elon saying FSD is coming next year.

3: Tesla joins forces with Rivian, California bans ICE Cars, and more

Tesla joins forces with Rivian, California bans ICE Cars, and more. Welcome to Episode Three of Vice Versa with Matt and Ricky!

2: Tesla S&P 500, Arrival on the NASDAQ, the future of Solar and more

Today we’re talking about Tesla finally being added to the S&P 500 and what it’ll mean for TSLA going forward.

1: Tesla FSD and Rivian Prices, BMW iX, Hummer EV, and Tesla Tequila

On the inaugural episode we talk about Tesla increasing the full self driving price to $10,000, Rivian dropping the price of the R1T and R1S, BMW announcing the iX, and GM revealing a CG Hummer EV. Oh, and some Tesla Tequila!

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